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On Life’s Journey

A thought from Joseph, on life’s journey. When we walk through life we will come into contact with people who will make some fonn of impact to our lives.

From what can seem like the smallest of things like saying good morning each day to helping you daily with things in your life.

The trouble is, as I have come to realise, you can become so used to having people around you that you forget that they are helping you not out of duty, but out of love and support. Jesus tells us that He has our lives planned out for us; plans for us to prosper and grow as both individuals and as a church. Every single one ofus is special to Jesus and also to the people He has placed around us.

I was surprised to see just how little I can sometimes say a simple thank you to someone to show I appreciate them and the things they have done.

As you walk through your life, remember that the people you come into contact with not only impact your life in some way but you also have an impact on their life too.

Take a moment to think about all the people around you that have made a difference to your life and ask yourselfthis,

“Do they know how much I appreciate them?”

Life’s a journey- as you make a difference to those around you, remember they also are vital to you.

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Bizarre Bible stories

WWE Bible style
If you ever had an argument about your daddy beating someone else’s in a fight then this is the all time champion. The Angel of The Lord aka pre incarnate Jesus finds Jacob in the desert and Jacob wants a blessing so he wrestles with Jesus. He literally fights with him all night long. I must be honest here, a ten minute fight to get into a chocolate bar tires me out ! But fair play to Jacob who manages to hang on to God still asking for a blessing! Now by this point you are probably quite willing to give Jacob the ultimate blessing (heaven)! God, however has a different plan and in what some might call foul play, puts Jacobs hip out of joint! God wins but Jacob gets a blessing. The moral of this story? If God is wrestling with you, then let Him bless you His way so you don’t end up limping!

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