This work begun just before Easter 2011, putting together an assembly is always something of a challenge; mainly due to the limited amount of time we have available to us.

We have about 15-20 minutes – in to which we try to pack in as much as we can. We always aim to keep our assemblies fresh and innovative with as much interaction from the children as possible. A school assembly is an ideal opportunity to build church – community links and we enjoy making regular visits and seeing familiar faces.

Our assemblies are fun but are also an act of worship. We always have a worship song (usually accompanied by fast paced actions) and we are very blessed to have two gifted guitarists available on rota to deliver this. Like every other ministry at Living Way Church the word of God is central to everything we do and so each assembly incorporates a biblical story/theme but also a practical application in which children can relate to. It has been very exciting to see the number of schools we visit increase and I look forward to seeing further increase in the future.

The Bridge
The Bridge coffee morning happens once a month on a Friday morning at the Ark Tonypandy. There is free tea, toast and a chance to chat. We have an open door policy and welcome anyone who wants to join us. Please see the PCN for the date of the next Bridge café. We look forward to welcoming you!

Food hampers
We have been blessed to be able to give out food hampers to those in desperate need in our community. This is not affiliated to the food bank and anyone who feels they or someone they know could benefit from one of our hampers should contact us.

Living Way Church