Releasing the Spirit of Prophecy : Bill Johnson – Book Review – June 2018

Releasing the Spirit of Prophecy : Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson may be known by some as the senior Pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, California. However, He is also the author of many books and is known for leading a church that focuses on the pursuit of the Holy Spirit gifts. Who is and should be living and active in and through our everyday.


The book itself is only 9 chapters in length and as it’s dedication suggests. It is to serve as a testimony of the works/ miracles of God. That they are not just events that happened in the Biblical time but, that God is living and active today.

Bill’s writing style is very easy going and at points it’s hard to put down. As the reader is taken on a journey where God reveals himself, his nature and his person as the Good, Good Father.

Bill shares personal testimonies of How God can move and encourages each believer not only to read the testimony. But, to believe that of God can do something for others he is more than capable of breaking through our circumstances too!!

Throughout the chapters Bill is careful to direct the reader not to himself. Rather, to the one whom the miracles, signs and wonders are pointing to! Almost echoing the famous Matt Redman song : The heart of worship.

“It’s all about you Jesus”

This book is simplistic in its design and content. Reinforcing, that when we declare/ testify to the works of God in our lives, he releases faith and power both to us and our hearers.

As Christians we are not so quick to share the God interventions in our lives and yet when we do, kingdom is proclaimed, breakthrough is brought and a truth encounter is released.

Transformation begins as we start to believe what our God can do (Big or small). Enabling us to go further in our trusting relationship with Him. In turn this should inspire others to go deeper, further into the things of God – producing a legacy, where people encounter the loving God.

“Our great responsibility is to know God and make him known”

A great little book which not only releases faith through testimony but also encourages and urges us to go deeper!

by C Tuck

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