2018 a thought from our admins

Well 2018 is almost over and I can honestly say that this year seems to have flown by so fast I sometimes feel as though I missed half of it.

Since we launched Living Way Church Website we have spent more time changing its format, layout and even hosting every few Months right up until almost the end of 2017. For most of 2018 we haven’t made many changes to its layout and that’s partly a good thing and a bad one.

First the good, we switched to our current host Rubberduck Hosting and have had an up time of 99.9% and we have the lowest hosting fees ever. I have taken a bit of a break apart from the hours I spent for GDPR compliance (a nightmare law). We were able to concentrate on our Live-streams more considering we were the first Rhondda church to introduce this it’s nice to watch it grow.

Now the bad, because I’ve taken the break I know the site needs some changes to keep it modern and interactive and a place you guys want to visit.

To end 2018 we have a major update coming that unfortunately won’t affect anything you see when you visit however, I hope that these changes will help push this site forwards as we start 2019. Personally I would like to thank everyone who’s used our site and hope you enjoy the changes we have planned.

May you be blessed and have a truly Merry Christmas!!